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Updated: May 8, 2019


Lord Renwick, KBE (Chairman); Sir Lew Grade (Deputy Chairman and Managing Director); Jack F Gill (Finance Director); Bruce Gyngell (Deputy Managing Director); Sir Eric Clayson; Norman Collins; Sir George Farmer; Leonard Mathews, OBE; Bill Ward, OBE.


Bill Ward, OBE (Director of Programmes); Leonard Mathews, OBE, (General Manager-Midlands); Francis Essex (Production Controller); Dennis Basinger (Controller, Elstree Studios); Clif Fox (Controller, Midland Studios); Gerry Kaye (Chief Engineer); Cecil Clarke (Executive Producer-Plays); Robert Heller (Head of Documentaries and Factual Programming); Anthony Lucas (Legal Adviser); Derek Williams (Company Secretary); Philip Grosset (Head of Educational and Religious Broadcasting); Peter Gibson (Head of Staff Relations); Anthony Flanagan (Head of Outside Broadcasts); Billy Wright, CBE (Head of Sport); Robert Gillman (Editor - News and Current Affairs); John Terry (Presentation Controller); Anthony Page (Schedules Controller and Planning Officer); Alan Deeley ( Chief Press Officer).

Sales Department

John Wardrop (Director of Sales); Guy Spencer (Sales Controller); Peter Mears (General Sales Manager); Stanley Smith (Regional Sales Manager).

Educational Advisers

Professor F H Hilliard, PH D, School of Education, University of Birmingham; Miss L Brayford, Headmistress, Ronkswood Infants School, Worcester; S G Austen, BA, Leamington College, Leamington Spa; M J Gifford, B sc, Director of Education, West Bromwich, Staffs; A M Parker, MA, Director of Extra Mural Studies, Cniversity of Birmingham; BP Hayes, HMI, Department of Education and Science, Worcestershire.

Religious Advisers

The Rev D R Maclnnes, MA, Precentor of Birmingham Cathedral (Church of England) ; The Rev Richard J Hamper, MA, Minister of Queen's Road Baptist Church, Coventry (Free Church); The Rev Geoffrey R Tucker, BA, STL, Priest of St Joseph's, Chasetown, Staffs (Roman Catholic).


Enquiries about artists and programmes should be addressed to Viewers' Correspondence at ATV Centre, Birmingham.

Tickets for Programmes

A limited number of tickets are available for certain audience programmes at ATV's Birmingham and Elstree Studios. Applications, enclosing a stamped addressed envelope, should be made to: Ticket Controller, ATV Studio Centre, Eldon Avenue, Borehamwood, Herts. The minimum age is 16.

Submission of Programme Material

As ATV's requirements are constantly changing, interested professional writers are requested, in the first instance, to communicate with the Head of the Script Department at ATV’s Borehamwood Studio Centre.


ATV's studios are housed in two locations, the main transmission complex at the ATV Centre, Birmingham and a large production unit at Borehamwood, Herts. The two centres between them have all the faculties necessary to provide a complete colour television service to Midland viewers.

ATV CENTRE: Three production studios provide a total of 11,000 sq. ft of floor space and share eleven four-tube colour cameras. All studios are equipped with comprehensive sound and vision mixers and computer-type lighting control systems, and Studio One ( 100 X 56 ft) has seating for an audience of nearly 200. In the central technical area, which serves both the studios and the transmission and network outputs, pulse generation and distribution, assignments switching, monitoring and measuring equipment are located in the central apparatus room. Adjoining areas house telecine and VTR machines and master control facilities include a presentation studio equipped with one four-tube colour camera mounted on a remotely controlled pan and tilt head, fitted to a pedestal with a remote height adjustment. ATV's colour outside broadcasts are provided by two four-camera OB vans. These and the sixteen other vehicles which carry microwave links and other ancillary equipment are housed in a 1·5,000 sq. ft garage, with storage areas and maintenance workshops nearby.

BOREHAMWOOD: At this centre, three colour studios, of which one has permanent seating for an audience of 300, provide a total production floor area of 24,000 sq. ft. The two largest studios share eight four-tube cameras and a third studio has now been converted to full-colour operation using four three-tube colour cameras. The technical facilities block, which houses assignment switching, pulse and signal distribution, telecine and VTR, now includes an electronic ('optical') colour standards converter to facilitate international programming.

The Queen's Award to Industry

Associated Television Corporation, the parent company of ATV Network Ltd, has won this honour three times for its outstanding record in the field of exports.


ATV’s productions have included:

NEWS: ATV Today.

DOCUMENTARIES: The Great Hair Do; The Mirror of Maigret; Beaton By Bailey; Germain Greer v USA; The Other Side of the Medal; Born to be Small; Kingdom in the Jungle; The Animal War; The Next Wave; Senator Edward Kennedy; Inside the World of Your Dreams; Whatever Happened to Tin Pan Alley; Stand up and be Counted; Algeria -Ten Years After; Too Late Tomorrow; Turning Point; Radical Lawyer - One Man's View ef the Law; and three investigations by Bernard Levin.

In addition ATV has produced a number of half hour films under the general title of Open Door. Some of these documentaries are of an experimental nature; others introduced new directors and unusual subjects.

FEATURES: Women Today; Tomorrow's Horoscope; Citizens' Rights; Angling Today; Farming Today; Gardening Today.

LIGHT ENTERTAINMENT: The Golden Shot; Saturday Variety; The Val Doonican Show; Ken Dodd; Des; Kopykats; Burt Bacharach 'Close to You'; Shut that Door!!

CHILDREN'S PROGRAMMES: The Adventures ef Rupert Bear; The Secret Service; Escape into Night; Tightrope; Fly into Danger.

DRAMA: Beneath the Tide; The Second Time Round; The Midsummer Dream of Chief Inspector Blossom; Major Lavender; It's Good to See You; Jack Squaler' s Time; Seventeen Per Cent Said Push Off; Lament of an Unmarried Father; The Long Lease ef Summer; Evening Class; The Staff Room; Refuge for a Hero; Before Paris.

FILM SERIES: Jason King; The Persuaders; Shirley's World; The Protectors; The Adventurer.

SPECIALS: A Royal Gala Variety Performance; Sir Kenneth Clark; Robinson Crusoe on Ice.

DRAMA SERIES: Crime of Passion; Spyder's Web; Suspicion; Crossroads; Love Story; Man From Haven; Hunter's Walk; Strauss; General Hospital.

EDUCATION: Primary French; Stop, Look, Listen; Conflict; The Time of Your Life; Rules, Rules, Rules; And the Living of It; Figure It Out.

COMEDY SERIES: My Good Woman; Alexander the Greatest; Lollipop.

ADULT EDUCATION: Rules of the Game; The Communicators; Holidays Abroad; It's Your Money; Take a Cine Camera; Something to Sing About; Getting Your Money's Worth; Foreign Flavour.

RELIGION: A Play for Sunday; Songs That Matter; Got the Message; Who Knows?; Stories Worth Telling.

SPORT: ATV participates in network programming in addition to covering Midland events. Star Soccer is a regular weekend feature in the football season.

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