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Canoeing four days a week are used to keep David Lloyd fit. That was when he was with the British Forces' Network in Germany.

The most sedentary life of a TV today is taking its toll around the waist line, but it's an ill wind…

The first clue I had to the way the wind was blowing was when David firmly declined my invitation to join me for a quick one.

He explained: "I am now back in full training."

"Congratulations - but why and for what?" I asked.

"Well," he replied, "six years ago, when I was adjutant of a regiment, my P.T. instructor was Sergeant John Phillips of the Army Physical Training Corps. We used to do a trampoline act together.

"John is now stationed at Litchfield. He saw me on television and decided it was time we resume the partnership. We are back in business, practising three nights a week at a local club"


News clipping from TV World. Date incomplete: 13th February 19xx.

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