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Jennifer Gay, former B.B.C. children's programmes announcer and ballet dancer, is leaving the Birmingham television news team, "A.T.V. Today."

She has decided that she cannot continue full-time screen work in addition to secretarial duties and housekeeping for her father at their Edgbaston home.

Her father is Mr. Hugo Rignold, Musical Director of the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my work with A.T.V.," she told me, "and if opportunities arise for occasional appearances in future I shall look forward to returning.

"But the demands of home and job are too exacting at the moment. I work far longer than I would in an ordinary secretarial job. If I finish by 7.30 in the evening there is still a good deal of research to be done after leaving the studios.

"I am trying to do too much. TV just cannot be a part-time interest."


Taken from the BIRMINGHAM EVENING NEWS - 13th February 1965.

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