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Starting on Monday, October 5th, Midlands ATV will present a new 20–minute daily magazine programme entitled "ATV-TODAY" which will be transmitted at 6.15 p.m.

There will be four full – time reporters. They will be David Lloyd who has been the presenter of the successful Midlands sports news program, Lionel Hampden, regularly seen on Midland Montage, Jennifer Gay, former introducer of BBC children's programmes and Kenneth Hill, writer of the controversial program "Second City".

Each day the magazine will contain topical items on a wide variety of subjects and from time to time specialist will take part in report on such matters as motoring, aviation, industry, cinema, theatre, crime, farming, politics, in fact every subject which affects our everyday life.

The programme will be produced by Raymond Josh, Dan Douglas will be chief programme assistant and Tony Parker and David Scott will direct.

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