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Created by Johnny Speight as a wicked satire on prejudice and bigotry, comic monster Alf Garnett both amused and scandalised viewers through the sixties and seventies in the classic sitcom Till Death Us Do Part – and everyone's favourite bigot enjoyed a new lease of life in this early-eighties ATV spin-off which reunited many of the series' original cast.

This time around, former docker Alf has relocated from Wapping to Eastbourne, where he and long-suffering spouse Else have decided to spend their retirement. Alf's mate and former neighbour Bert has gone to a better place, and his widow Min now lodges at the Garnetts' bungalow; daughter Rita pops by occasionally, too, with Alf's grandson. But why pick on Eastbourne? "Well," says Alf, "I could've gone to Southend, but it's too near the Silly Moo's sister..."

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